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We dedicate 100% of our efforts to every student’s lesson and focus on the results.
Personal Approach
Everyone is unique and requires their own unique approach to language instruction.
Advanced soft skills
From the basics to language coaching.
15 languages
You will always be taught by certified native speakers or Czech teachers with a relative linguistic university degree.
„I’m not rich enough to go to cheap language courses.“

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Our Team
Učitelé - Ttime

Mgr. Jana Fohlerová (, PhDr. Alexandra Trochtová (

We started our language school Ttime in 2008 after years of working together in the field of language education. We had experienced all the difficulties of this business and knew that we couldn’t be surprised by much. We complement each other professionally very well and always put positive energy and excitement into our work. We believe that this can be seen in our teachers as much as in our students.
Učitelé - Ttime

Josh Quinn, English teacher, Canada

I have many passions, but by far my deepest in life is discovering and conquering new languages. And thanks to this school's excellent organization, I have been able to both share and improve my linguistic knowledge through a wide variety of wonderful students as well as fellow teachers.
Učitelé - Ttime

Vít Bohal, English teacher, Canada

After my schooling at Charles University I positively jumped on the chance to work with the Ttime language school. A friend of mine was already employed and couldn't be happier with the way they ran things there - wonderful offices by Karlovo náměstí, a friendly atmosphere among some of the best teachers in Prague, and a great approach to interpersonal communication. I was set! If you are looking for affordable classes led by experienced teachers, Ttime is your school. With years of experience on the Czech market coupled with our proactive approach to teaching you are sure to get the service you crave. Whether it is English for business, travels, or just to keep your chops up to date, Ttime delivers.
Učitelé - Ttime

Djali Vesela, British

Ttime is an utterly friendly family-like company that focuses on high standard education and language services. Their methods ensure top-notch approach as well as true professionalism. On the top of that, Ttime staff appreciates my qualifications and supports me in my further professional growth. I have never experienced more pleasant long-term cooperation.
Učitelé - Ttime

Brian Mattison, American

Working at Ttime is truly an enjoyable experience  The atmosphere is truly collegial with everybody providing support to each other at all times. If there is an instance when you are in need of help, the answer is just around the corner.  Sasha and Jana provide the leadership and guidance necessary for the teachers to thrive.
Učitelé - Ttime

Hugo Banks, British

The reason that I like teaching at Ttime is that the school gives me the freedom to react flexibly to the needs of each student. I can tailor every course I teach to the individual or group that I am teaching. It means that we can work at our own speed on specific areas or needs exactly acording to the needs of the student rather than rushing or waste time going over things they already know. I can also modify my teaching style to whatever suits my students best for their own situation and temperament so that I get the most profress in the shortest time. Flexibility allows me to get results.
Učitelé - Ttime

Victoria McBurney, Irish

I enjoy working for Ttime because they take the time to consider the interests and learning styles of each individual student and match them with the most suitable teacher. This makes both the learning experience of the student and the teaching experience of the teacher enjoyable and interesting.
Učitelé - Ttime

Ana Maria Pardo, Spanish and English teacher, Colombian

Ttime is a great place for teaching, where quality is very important and you as a teacher feel appreciated . It has a friendly atmosphere even during the most hectic moments, and that's a hard thing to find these days. Teachers are constantly learning new things as well as students. It's the place where you feel someone's got your back, and you are not just any lecturer in a language school.
Učitelé - Ttime

Marta Lažánková, teacher of German and Czech for foreigners

Ttime is at the present moment the only language school I work with. After I obtained sufficient professional experience in order to choose- I chose Ttime. And why choose Ttime? The communication with the teachers at Ttime is of a high professional level and at the same time there is a truly friendly atmosphere. All the teachers are always smiling, welcoming and inviting with a tea or coffee and a bit of conversation. A teacher at Ttime isn’t just a name on the staff list but feels appreciated for their work and contribution to the image of the school. Personally, I really appreciate the possibility for professional growth which Ttime enables via the organization of various seminars and workshops with its teachers. A big benefit for me is the students I meet with thanks to Ttime. This is from teaching experts of various professions from whom I learn many new interesting things from their field or life experiences.
Učitelé - Ttime

Hana Malečková, teacher of German and French

I’ve been working with Ttime language school since its foundation in 2008. I especially appreciate the functional and problem-free communication even from a distance of 200 km. For me, Ttime isn’t just “a job” but also a friend. I believe that our friendship will always be just as solid in the years to come!
Učitelé - Ttime

Anna Slabá, teacher of Russian and Czech for foreigners

As a child I wanted to be an artist, but then the desire to discover the world through languages prevailed. I studied filology while painting and working with my hands came into the category of my hobbies. I taught children in a language lycée and later also students in university as well as doing interpretation and translation. Unlike interpretation and translation, I perceive teaching and learning as distinctively creative which for me is a way to get back to art and fulfill my childhood dreams. This is why I teach for Ttime now.
Učitelé - Ttime

Eva Janouškovcová, teacher of Croatian and Serbian

I‘m pleased that Ttime is always able to come up with something new. From my position as a teacher, I can say that after my initial pleasant interview with them a year ago they obligingly accepted me. I appreciate your clear communication and organization. You always keep your word on what we agree upon. I’m happy that I got the opportunity to provide consistent teaching on the basis of a provided structure which yields its results. And even though Croatian is considered a minor language, I found my place with you in company courses as much as in group courses.
Učitelé - Ttime

Jitka Hanžlová, teacher of English

Because they allow me to do work which I enjoy. Because thanks to them I meet a lot of interesting people whether it‘s from the array of students or teachers. Because they offer me a necessary base which allows me to do my work properly as well as being in beautiful locations right in the center of Prague. And lastly because the two very pleasant ladies who run Ttime deal with people in a direct fashion and do everything to the max with partners so that your accomodated with everything.
Učitelé - Ttime

Martina Vybíhalová, teacher of French

I have now been working since 1999 and from that time I have changed quite a few schools and education agencies. After a certain amount of time, I was always relieved to finish working with them. I also never stayed in touch with them. Then one day I met Saša Trochtová and Jana Fohlerová and my professional world completely changed. All of a sudden I was glad to go to the school and I looked forward to seeing these awesome ladies. Our collaboration has continued to this day and being one exception- I’m the exclusive French teacher of Ttime. And I’m happy about this! It’s the only school I look forward going to- not only to see those two pleasant “bosses”, but also to see all the teachers who have been able to bring something to the school through their positive energy. All the communication happens on a personal level and the administration is precise and effective but at the same time uncomplicated.
Učitelé - Ttime

Vladimíra Kreuzerová, teacher of German and Czech for foreigners

To put it briefly: reliable and pleasant management, nice colleagues and smart students. What more to wish for?
Učitelé - Ttime

Milada Sovová, teacher of English

I have been working in this language school since its own beginning and I wouldn’t switch. The school is situated in a beautiful location which provides a nice environment for the teachers. I especially appreciate the relationship between the school management and teachers which is based on a proper, kind and reliable approach. As both a teacher and an assistant, she does her very best to accommodate teachers and help them with their work. Potential problems are resolved objectively and in a down-to-earth way which I found is something other schools lacked.
Učitelé - Ttime

Martina Frýbortová, teacher of English

Why do I like teaching for Ttime? Because I prefer a more personal and friendly atmosphere to the anonymity of bigger schools. Because I like the way of management thanks to which I believe that we as teachers have trust in the organization of our lessons and sufficient work opportunities. Because here my work is appreciated. And because we have awesome evening parties:)
Učitelé - Ttime

David Svehlik, American

I’m a teacher by day and musician by night. When you play in a band, you have to work like a family, effective communication and teamwork is absolutely necessary. Working for Ttime is great because it’s also like being in a band. We’re not just colleagues but also friends, which creates a very warm environment to work in. As the saying goes: “It’s not quantity but quality that matters”.
Učitelé - Ttime

Rod Grover, Canadian

Having used English in my work as an artist, writer and performer for years, Ttime offers me an excellent opportunity to teach and motivate students to enjoy a world communicated in English. There is some distance between Czech and English, but students like the challenge and helping them reach their goals in language skills and knowledge is a satisfying part of my job.
Učitelé - Ttime

Petr Bajči, teacher of English

I have been devoted to teaching for more than 6 years. I have passed the CPE exam and have rich experience in the field of business English. With the language school Ttime I have found a stable language education partner. The courses are always perfectly organized and the students and teachers know that everything will run smoothly and with mutual satisfaction.
Učitelé - Ttime

Nela Pochová, teacher of Russian and Czech for foreigners

What I enjoy about the work I do for Ttime is the diversity, the possibility to try new things and create courses “tailored” in a way which suits the requests and needs of the students. From my point of view, the biggest thing is that Ttime has a friendly, almost family environment and has a sensitive, individual approach not only to clients but mainly to us teachers. Teachers and their work here are greatly appreciated. I am honored that I can be a part of the Ttime teaching team.

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